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QuantMage | A tool for non-emotional investment


Emotional impulses often lead investors away from their well-planned strategies, resulting in a failure to outperform the market. It is crucial to maintain discipline and consistency to succeed in investment.

QuantMage offers a solution to these challenges, providing tools to create robust investment spells through an easy-to-use editor called Grimoire. The platform features a backtesting engine for strategy evaluation and a Cast Spells feature for automated trading, eliminating emotional interference and fostering a prosperous financial future.

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$4M+ invested
2000+ daily backtests
<100ms avg. backtest time

Expressive spells


Select your preferred stock ticker to integrate into your investment strategy and explore other tickers that exhibit a strong correlation


Utilize fixed weights or inverse volatility weighting for balanced and adaptive asset allocation


Focus your investments on the best or worst assets as indicated by specific metrics


Modify your investment approach based on prevailing market signals to enhance profitability


Develop strategies that respond dynamically to a range of signals, optimizing your approach based on the current market landscape


Enhance profitability through adaptive market timings, leveraging distinct signals for entry and exit strategies


Finesse your way through the turbulent market, fluidly transitioning from one asset to the other

Fun editing

Ad-hoc Synchronized Editing

Avoid repetition in complex spells with synchronized editing, promoting efficiency and consistency in your strategy development

Live Preview

Stay in the zone with instantaneous feedback on the effects of your modifications, fostering a seamless editing experience

Fluid Rebalancing

Slide to rebalance in style

Powerful analysis

Backtest Plot

Backtest Stats

Gain deep insights with detailed backtesting statistics, providing almost everything you need to know about your strategy's performance

Branch Highlight

Easily track the activation history of each branching incantation to understand its performance over time

Indicator Visualization

Verify the logic and performance of your spell through visualization of the indicators used, ensuring a robust and effective strategy

Automated trading


Automate your trading strategies seamlessly by integrating with your Alpaca brokerage account. Begin risk-free with its paper account to experience the full potential of automated trading.

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QuantMage LLC

QuantMage operates as a platform to facilitate algorithm development and rule-based trading, and does not function as a broker or investment advisor. Our platform is designed to empower you in making independent investment decisions. We present all data, analyses, tests, metrics, transactions, signals, and platform features "AS-IS," without any warranties. We do not guarantee performance and bear no responsibility for your trading activities, algorithm applications, or executions conducted through broker services. We strongly advise exercising sound judgment and conducting comprehensive research and due diligence prior to trading or investing.